Hi, I'm Thomas

and I'm a software consultant specializing in full-stack web development and DevOps.

Can I help you build something?

What I do

Web Applications

Scalable web software, built on stable technologies sets you up for success.


I have history with setting up performant websites, improving conversion, and getting what you need out of your website.

Infrastructure as Code

Easily managed and maintained software delivery solutions.


Not sure what you need? I can help you figure that out too!

Working with Thomas

Thomas cut down our page load times by a full 2 seconds across the board reducing our bounce rate by 30% and improving our google page speed score from 65% to 97%. Thomas made the process quick and easy. He rolled out changes to norcaladhd.com in less than a day and saw immediate results.

Thomas consulted and helped us plan out and make the right architectural decisions for Tweaky.io. He’s a smart guy.

Thomas is a great engineer, strong in any stack, and always weighs the pros and cons of situations to come up with the best solution for the greatest ROI. I'd definitely love to work with Thomas again in the future.

He collaborated seamlessly across teams and partners, worked with enthusiasm and efficiency to improve our page load times, paving way for improved SEO and user acquisition. He fully and ingeniously understands user needs, collaborates well across teams, and delivers amazing results. He's a spectacular engineer, team-player and leader — I'd work with Thomas again in a heartbeat.